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How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions by Sales Coach Sidney C. Walker


LIVING IN THE ZONE - Engage the Unstoppable
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How I Conquered Call Reluctance, Fear of Self-Promotion & Increased My Prospecting!

Trust Your Gut by Sales Coach Sidney C. Walker

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How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions by Sales Coach Sidney C. Walker

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Sidney C. Walker
~ Peak Performance Coach for Financial Advisors ~



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What's the most important part of Client Acquisition today?

1. Contact qualified people.
2. Connect with prospects and establish a relationship of trust.
3. You are looking for Chemistry, Timing and Money:

Chemistry means you like each other, timing means the prospect has a current need for something you are offering, and money means the prospect can afford to buy the solution to their problem.


Michael Parker Quote about Sales Coach Sid Walker My expertise is in three main areas:
� How to get appointments with the right people.
� How to establish trust and end up with a new client   the majority of the time if the chemistry is there.
� How to eliminate all barriers to Peak Performance   (really).

I have been developing a low-key approach to sales for over thirty-five years. I work with all kinds of sales people, business owners, and executives. My specialty is financial advisors. I have created some of the biggest producers in the business and have proven beyond any doubt that you can be one of the "good guys" and be a top producer. There is absolutely no need to be a pushy salesperson to be a huge success.

There are two basic approaches to selling financial services. You are either a client controller (push the client to buy the product you want to sell them) or a relationship builder (help the client discover what they want to do). Both approaches produce sales, but they are as different as night and day. Almost all of us have been trained to be client controllers which also never felt right to most of us from the beginning.

Actually, if you are a relationship-oriented advisor, it feels more right to get to know people and help them discover what they want to do rather than push them to buy a particular product. In fact, if you are what I call a Relationship-Builder and you push for a sale, it won't feel right to you or your client. Bottom line, you have to learn how to make sales without pushing people. The good news, the "low-key" approach is a lot easier than what we were all taught, and it's three times more profitable. My average client has a 90% closing ratio without using any sales techniques whatsoever!

You can make selling financial services the greatest job in the world, if you do it in a way that fits your values. It really is that simple! Almost no one has learned to sell this way from the beginning. Some people have had the ability to figure out this secret on their own and ignore the conventional wisdom. Most of us have struggled with the controlling approach to sales and have collected alot of baggage. I guarantee there is an easier way that is more fun for both you and your client. Some of my coaching clients have 30 plus years in the business. They all say that "letting go of the controlling elements of their approach" was the best thing they ever did for their career and their peace of mind!

Most sales cultures still teach the same old "dominate and control" techniques that the general public hates, especially people with money. I was always told that the high failure rate in the financial services business was because it�s such a hard job that only a few can make it. There is some truth to that statement. But it�s not what you think. If you learn to do a job in a way that does not fit your values, very few are going to stick with it! The good news, I have proven almost anyone can make it selling financial services if your approach fits your values!

What's the process? I help people develop an approach based on their style, their strengths, and their values. Everything you do has to feel right. You won't do anything for very long if it doesn't feel right, so anything other than what feels right is a waste of time. The first goal is build your confidence and make some sales with your new approach. That can happen in just a few weeks. It's easy to create the future you want from there.

So where do you go from here?
You can coach yourself with free access to my extensive website for relationship-oriented financial advisors. There is no upfront cost for this website anymore, however we appreciate donations. Go to:, get a user name and password, and you are good to go.

Or, we can talk about the possibility of doing an individual coaching project together. I usually talk to people for 20 minutes or so to determine if we are a good match. Send me your contact info so we can set up a time to talk. Book an appointment with SiD...


Listen to What Two Industry Leaders Have to Say About Sid:

Barbara Treadwll talks about Sales Coach Sid Walker

Barbara Treadwell

CLU, ChFC, CFP; Mass Mutual

New York, New York

11 min., 26 sec.

"One of the things I learned from Sid was to dig deep enough in the interviewing process to find out what people really want. That has made all the difference for me."

Michael Slattery talks about Sales Coach Sid Walker

Michael Slattery


Bennington, Vermont

12 min., 16 sec.

"I was skeptical at first, but once I had the guts to trust my intuitive instincts, things changed rapidly for the better in all aspects of my life."


More Testimonials: 21 Testimonials from Industry Leaders.

Typical Client Projects: What Sid Can Do for You.


I have helped thousands of advisors/consultants/sales execs break through to new levels of production and self-fulfillment because I know how to help people find the approach that will work for them. My favorite success stories are my clients who were ready to quit and now make over $1,000,000 per year. I have helped a lot of advisors break the one million of income per year milestone. They would all say that their new found success was the result of developing an approach to client acquisition that feels intuitively right to them. If you're ready to finally put your greatest strengths to their best use and develop a style that�s a perfect match for you. Plus have the added bonus of making your work more fun than you ever thought possible, we should talk!

Kind Regards,

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� Leading-edge Peak Performance Sales Coach 35+ years...
� Consultative, relationship-oriented selling style...
� Author of numerous publications on: how to quickly establish client trust, how to get   more client commitment to take action, how to develop the confidence to prospect for   bigger clients, how to build an ideal practice based on your unique style and   strengths...
� Amazon #1 Best Selling Author � 6 books on Amazon

CLIENT ACQUISITION COACH � "Champion of the Low-Key Approach"


Sidney C. Walker - Client Acquisition Coach - Champion of the Low-Key Approach!



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