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"About ten years ago I met someone in this industry who gave me both new knowledge and the help I needed to apply it. It helped me become a $450,000 producer within 18 months of going into personal production. Sid Walker is an author, speaker and sales performance coach who helps financial services professionals like me get out of old habits (many of which we don't even realize we are a slave to!) and into new ways of thinking that produce a more productive and fulfilling career. I highly recommend you order Sid's books and CD's. They represent some of the best material on the market for relationship-oriented reps.”
Stephen R. Bolt; President, Faith Financial Planners
Nashville, Tennessee
(President and Founder of

“The most important thing I learned from reading Sid’s material and working with him as a coach was that I don’t have to be analytical all the time to be successful in this business. I can be myself, especially when I am with my clients. It has been about two years since I started working with Sid and I have more than doubled my income and actually work less.”
Keith W. Laird, AAMS, CFS, CRPC, CRPS; Linsco Private Ledger
Ventura, CA

“I have worked with Sid Walker for over 20 years. Sid helped me fine tune my skills in three main areas: 1. The ability to shift back and forth from a detailed perspective to a larger strategic perspective. This is particularly useful in maintaining a positive outlook no matter what is happening. 2. The power and necessity of asking enough questions of your clients. Asking questions helps establish trust, helps the clients clarify what they want to do, and gives me the information I need to identify the right solution. 3. Trust your intuitive instincts. If you listen to your intuition, you will have all the guidance you need to create the ideal practice for your style and strengths.”
Greg Stoia, CFP; Commonwealth Financial
Naples, Florida

“I first heard Sid Walker speak 1-1/2 years ago, and was impressed with his conviction in believing in what is intuitively right. I was leery at first – as most people are who have spent too much time on the analytical side versus the intuitive side. But none the less I was intrigued. I read his books, listened to his CDs, and hired him as my coach a year ago. Aside from the measurable results which include 130% increase in investment income, the benefit of following my intuition both professionally and personally has been absolutely liberating. With Sid’s help, I have learned to trust my intuition after years of not trusting it. Some of the changes were subtle and some were profound; and I believe they were all due to Sid’s material and terrific coaching ability.”
Michael Slattery, CLU, CFP, AEP; NIMIS
Bennington, Vermont

“Working with Sid helped me to simplify my practice. I now only work with clients where the chemistry is right and where I am appreciated as a trusted advisor. Changing my focus to demanding a certain kind of relationship with my clients has made my practice extremely profitable, and most important, it has made it a joy to go to work. I doubt that I would have had the insight to make the changes that I made in my practice nor the nerve to make those changes without Sid’s encouragement!”
Sylvia C. Young; MML Investor Services, Inc.
Seattle, Washington

“After working with Sid…I don’t have to work as hard as I used to. I’m having more fun and I’m getting better results. It smacks a little bit of ‘magic.’”
Barbara Treadwell CLU, ChFC, CFP; Mass Mutual
New York, New York (Top Ten in USA)

“Sid got me to focus on my strengths and delegate my weaknesses. He helped me make getting in front of the right people and asking the right questions my #1 priority. I have doubled my income twice since I’ve worked with Sid and will double it again with the same techniques.”
Dave Briggs; Colorado Financial Group
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I work with Sid Walker because our relationship is one-on-one as opposed to being in a seminar environment. I like being able to get at my specific issues fast with someone who knows me and knows our business. I am more interested in developing my practice based on what feels right to me instead of hearing the latest theories on what works. Sid is a master at helping people identify a plan of action that feels right and has been a great ally.”
Clint Gibson, CLU, ChFC
Phoenix, Arizona

“When I was getting established as a Long Term Care Specialist there were no mentors or role models. Working with Sid gave me the confidence and reassurance that my instincts about the business were right…that I could trust myself.”
Barbara Franklin, Long Term Care Specialist
Charleston, South Carolina
(Top Ten American Express in USA)

“I have always enjoyed what I do. You made it more fun, more relaxed, and significantly more productive. Thanks for making me fully aware of my strengths and teaching me how to use those strengths all of the time. Now weaknesses don’t matter...the strengths are so dominant.”
Richard L. Hartman, JD, CLU, ChFC; Benefit Concepts, Inc.
Englewood, Colorado

“I have been a client of Sid Walker’s for over 20 years. He helped me become a top twenty agent for Northwestern Mutual by showing me how to stop trying to be a salesperson and trust in just being myself. It worked!”
Randall G. Riley, CLU, ChFC; Northwestern Mutual
Boulder, Colorado
(Top 20 in USA)

“Sid Walker has helped me immensely with my investment and insurance practice. I have gone from a $40-50,000 producer to over $300,000 annually. Most of this growth I attribute to Sid’s work in helping me understand the value of what I do. Sid helped me develop a trust in my ability to help my clients in a meaningful way that feels right to both them and to me.”

Kris E. Gulbran; New York Life
Seattle, Washington (Top 50 in USA)

“Sid has helped me build my financial planning practice in a variety of ways. The most significant factor is that I am making more of the right decisions and making more money because I am trusting and acting on my own instincts rather than doing what someone else thinks is a good idea. Sid has shown me that I am the only one who will ever know what feels intuitively right to me and has helped me get to those internal answers. I’m trusting myself and it’s working.”
Judy Redpath, CFP; Washington Financial Group
Bethesda, Maryland

“I have known Sid for twenty years. I can confidently say he has had a profound impact on our business in his coaching work with hundreds of planners including my own practice. As a motivational speaker, Sid's style, as well as his message, is real and down-to-earth which I prefer over the more traditional rah-rah approach. Sid has my wholehearted endorsement.”
J. Michael Carroll, CFP
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Let me say how thankful I am for your encouragement. I am amazed at the effect of our sessions! It’s like I am enjoying a new room on my house… a room I knew existed but didn’t know how to get in! You gave me the key! And I love the new room! It’s a place I feel very comfortable and happy in. Best of all, I get paid to be in this room. My monthly production has increased over 150% since I started working with you. Thanks for your help. I’ll be forever grateful.”
Linda Stubblefield, CFP; Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Fort Smith, Arkansas

“Sid helps you crystallize your goals and then trust your gut feelings as to what actions should be taken. I find when I trust my gut feelings things always workout — often better than I expected.”

Daniel J. Orlovsky, CLU, ChFC, CFP
Fairfield, CT

“Just prior to meeting Sid, I had been in the business for 6 years making an ok living but ‘chasing my tail’ much of the time. I happened to observe that one of my younger associates, whom I had always easily out produced, all of a sudden passed me by like I was standing still. He did twice as much production as I did that year. When I asked him what he had changed with his practice, he mentioned one name, Sid Walker, that was all.
So I hired Sid as my coach. My business didn't turn around on a dime, but it has increased steadily over the past eight years to where it is now more than three times the production I had when we first associated. The average annual growth rate has been a consistent 20% each year.
For a few thousand per year I get ongoing accountability and encouragement that is based on who I am as a person, who I am at my best. And the effect of Sid’s coaching far exceeds just the professional aspect of my life. It permeates all aspects of my life. Working with Sid has given me a track to run on that is tailor-made for me. I like our relationship, it is a big part of my life, and I look forward to working with Sid for many years to come.”
Dave Davis, CFP; Mass Mutual
Seattle, Washington

“Sid has been wonderful in helping me gain confidence and understand that listening and acting from my own intuition is the key to my success. His guidance has allowed me to grow from a very small business to a profitable company. I learned that building my business and selling came naturally if I understood ‘who’ I was being. The whole process is about asking the right questions and working with the clients that I connect with. Sid has given me a new perspective on selling and self-promotion and I thank him.”
Carol L. Buchman, CPA, CFP; HD VEST
New York, New York


“Sid has been a featured speaker at our Fall Kick-off Agency Meeting for 2 years in a row and has individually coached many of our reps. Sid is a pioneer in the intriguing areas of establishing client trust and using intuition to achieve peak performance. He is credible, his techniques are simple and you can hear the depth of experience that comes from coaching thousands of reps. Sid gets “two thumbs up” from our group!”
Gary Wienken, CLU, General Agent; Mass Mutual
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
(MML Investor Services, Inc. Leading Office Nationally of 88 offices)

“Thanks for speaking at our 5-State Regional Meeting. You were awesome! Your presentation was a perfect match for the advice platform our company is teaching plus you shared numerous insightful perspectives on how to establish trust-based relationships that our people really related to. You have my unequivocal recommendation.”
Earle Solomonson, CLU, ChFC, Managing Partner; Thrivent Financial
Ft. Collins, CO

“Sid's mastery of the client interview combined with his level of integrity has given both me and my agents a highly effective win-win approach to selling more life insurance and investments by establishing relationships of trust. Based on the results I have already seen in my agency, I can conservatively predict that our group will experience unprecedented growth this year!”
Raymond J. Vendetti, CLU, ChFC, General Manager  
American National Insurance

San Diego, California



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