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The Prospecting Mentality

The Cure for Call Reluctance!
The Prospecting Mentality
How to Overcome Call Reluctance,
Procrastination and Sleepless Nights

by Sidney C. Walker



The answer is that prospecting requires a special frame of mind. Sid Walker takes you there. Using Sid's leading-edge approach, you can quickly break through your own reluctance, excuses, and fears to prospecting consistently and effectively ON COMMAND!

  • Learn skills that will break through your barriers:
  • Get back on track quickly when your prospecting efforts are stalled.
  • Recognize the state of mind that makes prospecting easy, and learn to shift into it at will.
  • Discover six proven exercises that get you warmed up.
  • Learn strategies for conquering:
    • fear of interrupting people
    • reluctance to call on friends
    • hesitancy to ask for referrals
    • fear of making mistakes
    • reluctance to call on people more successful or more educated
    • discomfort with the whole idea of selling or being a salesperson 


Book 100 pp.
Kindle $4.99
Available from

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"This is breakthrough material. I listened to the CDs and started to make more prospecting calls. I think that says it all."
Bob Pickering, CLU, ChFC; Robert H. Pickering & Associates, Ltd.
Denver, Colorado

"I listen to the CDs to get me in a positive frame of mind and ready to prospect.
I believe this program to be the best of its kind."
Dan Litson; Financial Planning Concepts, Inc.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

"There are ideas on these CDs I'd never heard before, which fascinates me because I probably own every noteworthy book, tape and CD on selling that's out there. Sid's Chemistry & Timing Formula is one of the most powerful concepts I've ever come across and I now live by it."
Glenn F. Stockham; Business & Professional Planning, Inc.
Garden City, Kansas



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