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• How to fine tune your practice to be more profitable and more personally rewarding for everyone involved; you, your staff, your partners, your clients, and your family.

• Help you define what really motivates you, set goals that have real meaning and provide gentle accountability toward their achievement.

• Help you create an ideal vision for your practice, determine what risks are worth taking and how to develop the courage to take those risks.

• How to take your prospecting skills to a whole new level...


- Develop approach language that you are comfortable with.


- Develop a mindset that will eliminate call reluctance.


- Make prospecting an enjoyable priority.


- Develop the confidence to prospect up.

Andre Rangasamy Quote about Sales Coach Sid Walker

• How to take your interviewing skills to a whole new level...


- Get prospects excited about going through your process.


- Get prospects to open up by establishing a deep level of trust.


- Help the prospect identify what they will commit to doing.


- Close with integrity by putting the prospect’s interests first.


- Make sales 90% of the time by helping clients make decisions that feel right to them.

• How to develop referral language that will make both you and your client more comfortable with the whole process and will identify centers who will give you 20-30 good referrals per year.

• How to fine tune your seminar presentation for better audience response and increase the percentage of people who want follow-up appointments.

• How to hire the right assistant(s) for your personality and practice requirements.

Help business partners maximize their synergy and strengths.

Help write important letters, promotional pieces, or come up with language that fits your values for any situation.

(Managers) Learn how to create a sales culture that will attract the highest caliber recruits and then demonstrate the values of your culture in both the recruiting and training process.

Peak Performance — learn how top reps and entrepreneurs think in order to “stay on a roll” regardless of the success or failure of projects. Learn to be at your best regardless of the situation.

• Provide an objective perspective and create viable solutions for all kinds of issues. We can resolve almost anything that is slowing you down or taking your energy.

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For more issues addressed by the individual coaching process click here on the barrier diagnosis.



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